Its a windy night. Inside my knitted white sweater, i can feel my body is shivering. Here is he, beside me. With a hiking backpack, both hands full of bags of groceries, i can see he's taking hard step for home.
i offer my hands, he ignores. I grab the bags off his hand , but when i slowly raise them off the ground, take a few steps forward,the bags immediately drop again. God, that's heavy.
Those bags return to his hands finally. He give me s soft kiss, a sudden of fullness appear in my heart. I love him. A guy who never let perturbation surround me more than a second.
Im lucky that i have him. He and me have had hardly any problems since living together.
Ok.. maybe that's not true.Perhaps we've had the odd tiny little debate about how may clothes i buy or just how many cakes i buy but without finishing it per week.Perhaps we've also had the odd argue on how many hours his spend on computer games. He loves gaming, and maybe once or twice (or maybe more^.*) I've blamed him of loving to game more than me.
But the point is we are mature, we are flexible, we talk things through.
no conflict, no secret within us, we think as one, like one unit.

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