just another usual day.

                   zara tail blouse , river island bag, hm hats, cotton on shocks, topsop wedges

Is a usual day out.

ballet dance

croptop and hareem pans from topshop, platform ankle bootie fromm ebay

mix photos

                                           photos from studded hearts and jackandjil

black sequin

love this pair of MJ's boots so much~

    yea.. i was drunk before the food are served.

                             she was so cute.. isn't she?

back to college

some photos taken infront of my apartment days ago. Many apologies for low blogging productivity , I've been spending time enjoying the wonderful summer heat and of course working harddddd .    
faux leather jacket from stradivarius, check shirt from cotton on ,allsaints mirada triple lace up boots,topshop hot pants..

mix photos

decide to share all those amazing looks and stuffs. photo taken from several sites
love ss2010 miumiu heels so much.. wish i can get one of it.

this was from  maffashion. Her style was amazing. It's a must vist.

classic trench coat

what i wear ,
trench coat from mango, shirt and jeans from uniqlo , boots from topshop..

in love with stylesofia

rolling stones tee from stylesofia. topshop leather jacket , denim skirt bought at japan 2years back.

my dog loves flower

double layer skirt at www.stylesofia.com , ruffle crop and straw hats from topshop

recently, i feel stuffy in my room, so i bought 2 flower pots days ago . To my surprise, my dog loves flowers. hmm… actually At first, he sniffed and barked to the flowers, it seemed to him that flowers are aliens.. but now, he loves to sit beside flowers and staring at the flowers , thinking of ‘’ flowers flowers, why are you so beautiful ’’